Originating of the “world capital of mezcal”, Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca; Productores del Buen Agave is a family business that dates back to 1930 and was constituted in 2006 as a Cooperative Society.

Three generations have perfected the craft production our mezcal, maintaining the tradition, quality, responsibility and delivery at each step of the process. We are a company that sees all our partners as an essential part in the production of mezcal, intervening in each step in the creation of our spirits. Thanks to that, Paloma became a registered brand in 2013, and has transcended from the local market to the national and international market.


Maintain and strengthen the presence of our mezcal in national and international market, offer captivating experiences and unforgettable flavors, smells and unique sensations, worthily representing the work of the land and the master mezcaleros. Distinguishing ourselves as a inclusive company that covers the entire production chain, from maguey to mezcal. The field to your palate, preserving quality continuously improving.

Support the economic development of families in our region, establishing links with others producers to achieve joint development and preservation of the environment.


To be recognized as leaders in the field of mezcal, keeping us a company capable of generating all raw material for mezcal production, and preserving our ancestral tradition..

Establish new national and international markets for opening distribution centers and export of our brands.


  • Love for the environment
  • Loyalty
  • Responsibility
  • Family Unity
  • Equity
  • Teamwork